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AlvaNeem Horse Shampoo

AlvaNeem Horse Shampoo
AlvaNeem Horse Shampoo

Available in 500ml and 1 litre

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A very effective horse shampoo that contains the remarkable vegetable Neem Oil, extracted from Neem seeds. Regular washing will moisturise hair from root to tip and maintain the health of the skin.

Neem Oil can sooth dryness, repair damage and remove bacteria, can also help prevent and eliminate fungal infections by soothing the irritation and eradicating the bacteria.

Great for those suffering with feather mites, dry itchy skin, mud fever & hives.


Shake the bottle well

Saturate the coat with luke-warm water, removing loose dust and dirt. Dilute into a bucket of water or apply directly onto the skin, massage throughly into the coat. Rinse & repeat until water runs clear.

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