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Travel Size 250ml

Travel Size 250ml
Model: AlvaTeaTree Horse 250ml
250mlALVATEATREE CLEANSING SHAMPOOA natural and effective horse shampoo containing Tea Tree Oil. It gently but thoroughly washes the coat and soothes the skin, conditioning as it cleans. The first step to a healthy, lustrous coat.Tea Tree Oil has natural antibacterial properties and has been used fo..
£7.50 Ex Tax:£6.25
Model: Blue buffing cloth
Blue buffing clothApprox 33cm x33cm..
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Model: AlvaShield 250ml ~ Refill
250ml refillALVASHIELDA very effective all over coat gloss that helps to protect equines against warm weather and the many problems it brings.Formulated with a powerful citrus Essential Oil, Aloe Vera and our own moisturising lotion, making it the ultimate guard for all breeds, types, colours and ag..
£7.75 Ex Tax:£6.46
Model: AlvaBarrier 250ml ~ Refill
250ml refillALVABARRIEREssential Oils combined with our unique coat conditioner. This formulation helps to protect a horse’s coat and reduces problems caused by the mud and rain. It gives a water resistant glossy coat that is better able to withstand the elements, whilst allowing the horse’s skin to..
£7.75 Ex Tax:£6.46
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