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Alva Aromatherapy Introduction

Dear Potential Alva Aromatherapy Independent Distributor,

My name is Phil Bowen (founder).

I would like to introduce you to the Alva Aromatherapy business opportunity.

Having formulated the AlvaHorse products back in 1995 for the love of my own horses,
I always had the desire to use the tried and tested multi-level marketing system to distribute my products. However it was not until 20 years later that I finally took the plunge. So in early 2015 and with 1,000's of equestrian’s repeat business, I was confident that the time was right to launch.

'Alva Aromatherapy'

The now well known AlvaHorse products led the way and were soon followed by the AlvaDog and CLAI (people products).

Based on Welsh Clay, Aloe Vera and Essential Oils, the Alva Aromatherapy products are proving to be a huge success. 


AlvaHorse products have been available to the equine world since 1995. Formulated initially for the love of his own horse, Phil Bowen carefully created a blend of essential oils and natural ingredients to promote visual health benefits in equines in different scenarios. Well known in the world of ‘Welsh Cobs,’ these products offer fantastic results for all equines.

Who are Alva Aromatherapy?

Alva Aromatherapy is the distribution company of AlvaHorse, AlvaDog and CLAI.

We enable people to market and distribute Alva products in their locality, online and to build their own business through selling quality products.

How does it work?
In order to join Alva Aromatherapy as an Independent Distributor you are required to purchase 1 of our 4 kits.
See the current prices here:
Members can choose their level of involvement with Alva Aromatherapy depending upon how they wish to grow their own business and the level of sales they achieve. 

Starter kits are available online by entering a sponsors username and purchasing one of our kits.
You set your own sales targets and your earnings reflect this. All we ask is that you retail the products at our retail prices.

Levels and earnings within Alva Aromatherapy

Role Volume Points * Commission

Independent Distributor

Start - 999vp


Independent Advisor

1000vp – 1999vp


Group Director

2000+ vp


*Nett of VAT

Commission is based on volume points

These points are accumulated over a month and can include your team members points. The total of team members vp and your vp are known as Group Volume Points (gvp).

When you reach 1,000 vp within a month, you are promoted to Independent Adviser.

When you achieve 2,000 vp in a month or 1500 vp in two consecutive months, you are promoted to Group Director.

You do not need to sustain these sales levels to maintain your higher status.

How could I earn 1000+ volume points (vp) in any one month?

You could sell Alva products after building a client base and may achieve these points from sales. However, if you would like to earn more points and money, you have the option of recruiting members of your own team. You would then earn points on their sales and commission on a percentage of their sales along with the commission on your own sales.

If your an Independent Adviser, you receive exactly the same points as your team members and 5% of your teams sales. As a Group Director, you receive exactly the same points as your team members and at least 7% of your teams net price sales as commission along with the 35% that you earn on your personal sales.


Sarah starts at Alva Aromatherapy as an Independent Distributor. She recruits two team members and in any one month Sarah sells £650 of products and her two team members sell £400 of products each.

Sarah's team's total sales are £1,450

Sarah would then become an Independent Adviser because she has more than 1,000vp.

Her commission would increase to 28% and she would receive 5% of her team members’ sales.

If in any month Sarah's team sold £1,800 Sarah would get 28% commission on her own sales and 4% commission on her team members’ sales.

If in any month Sarah's team sold more than £2,000 Sarah would become a Group Director, because she earned more than 2,000 points in one month. She would receive 35% commission on her own sales and a minimum of 7% on her team members’ sales.

How does this work?

Alva Aromatherapy fits around your current lifestyle as there are no targets and what you earn depends on your efforts. You will need internet access to order online, online banking and an email, we recommend
(your username)

Please note, y
our Sponsor should be your first point of contact.

1. Direct sales:
Where the customer collects the product from you or you deliver.

2. Postal orders where the product is delivered direct to your customer by the Alva Aromatherapy  distribution centre (Minimum £7..50 postage on all orders).

In order to help boost sales Members are encouraged to market the Alva Aromatherapy products using Alva Aromatherapy approved advertising material only.


At Alva Aromatherapy, we want to make this as simple as possible. Our advice is that you don’t order products for people unless they have paid you in full. Please note if you accept paypal, you are liable for your paypal fees. The Barclays ‘ping it’ app is proving popular with our Distributors, but payment options are your responsibility.

Orders are placed on this website and paid for via bank transfer or Paypal.
Products will be dispatched upon receipt of funds within 
Alva Aromatherapy’s account.
Orders should normally be received with 5 working days, but may be slightly longer depending on the availability of essential oils and any of the Corvid 19 issues that may arise. 

Instructions, help and advice is available from your sponsor at all reasonable hours of the day. Should you have problems contacting your sponsor, please contact the person above them within the organisation.

Support and questions

If you require support or have any questions, please contact your sponsor.

Price lists

There are two current price structures:

1. Direct Sale

This is the retail price, used if the product is sold face to face.

2. Delivered Sale

There is a £7.50 minimum charge on all products delivered to the customer direct from the Alva Aromatherapy distribution center.


Special offers

Throughout the seasons Alva Aromatherapy will be launching special offers on various products to help boost sales.

Marketing materials

Members can only use marketing materials and photographs that will be supplied by Alva Aromatherapy. Any other marketing materials must be approved by Alva Aromatherapy.
Please email ideas and suggestions to the company for approval.


As an independent distributor of Alva Aromatherapy, you are not given a definitive area and must not attempt to prevent anyone from marketing or selling products in areas you frequent. Multi-level-marketing does not work in that manner and rewards the efforts that people put in.
If you have any queries regarding this please contact your sponsor or email:

I wish you every success in distributing 
Alva Aromatherapy products and hope we have a fantastic and long lasting partnership.

Click here to see the: AlvaMLM Power Point Presentation.

Best wishes,


Phil Bowen Founder

Username: PB1174
Alva Aromatherapy - Group Director

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