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Draig Balm ~ Nic Tilling of ROADSTARZ

ROADSTARZ ~ Draig Balm Testimonial.

My name is Nic Tilling

Since I first began racing over 30 years ago I have always been very choosy over the warm up balm that I use. There are many similar products on the market but it's always been difficult to find one that warms the muscles without burning or which wears off 20 minutes after it's been applied. 


I've recently been using Draig Balm and it has been incredibly effective at warming up my muscles before training rides on cold and damp days as we go into the winter. When the roads are wet no amount of material is going to stop your legs from feeling numb with cold, but with Draig Balm your muscles will continue to feel supple, responsive and powerful.


 But it is not only the warming process that I really like about Draig Balm - I also really like the smell of it and I think this is something that's really important. It doesn't smell clinical, instead it has a refreshing smell that in itself i think readies the mind for training or racing. 


In an era of aggregation of marginal gains in cycling, Draig Balm definitely has a place in every rider's kit bag.  Regardless of whether you're racing or training, pre-warming the muscles stimulates blood flow to the muscle which helps to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the muscle and delays the onset of the production of high concentrations of lactate.


Draig is produced in Wales and it's made from a clay base and so it hasn't been flown around the world leaving a carbon footprint. By far, It's the best warm up balm I have ever used and I've stocked up for the winter and next season. I would strongly recommend any rider to try this balm as you will not be disappointed.


Nic Tilling - Founder of RoadStarz - Online Cycling Coaching & Education to Achieve Greatness -


Nic Tilling MSc, BSc (Hons), PGCE


Swindon, UK

+44 (0)7810 393903

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