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Model: Autumn Essentials Refill
AlvaCleanse, AlvaDazzle refill, AlvaBarrier refillAvailable in 500ml..
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Model: Autumn Essentials with spray
AlvaCleanse, AlvaDazzle, AlvaBarrierAvailable in 500mlWith 2 spray tops..
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Model: AlvaHorse Summer Duo 250ml
AlvaSweet 250ml refillAlvaShield 250ml refill..
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Model: AlvaDazzle
Available in 500ml and 1 litrePlease select option belowALVADAZZLEConditions the mane, tail and feathers to give a silky- soft and tangle-free finish...
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Model: AlvaCleanse
Available in 500mlPlease select option below.ALVACLEANSEA relaxing no-rinse wash or shampoo for horses.Formulated with Lavender, TeaTree and Grapefrui..
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Model: AlvaShield
 Available in 500ml and 1 litrePlease select option below.ALVASHIELDA very effective all over coat gloss that helps to protect equines against wa..
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Model: AlvaSweet
Available in 500ml and 1 litrePlease select option below.ALVASWEETContaining Essential Oils which help soothe itching and reduce suffering caused by m..
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Model: AlvaMagic for Horses
AlvaMagic Stain Remover 250ml +Directions for use: Sponge area with warm water.Apply AlvaMagic to stained area.Rub in and leave a few minutes.Sponge o..
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Model: AlvaTeaTree Horse
Available in 500ml and 1 litrePlease select option below.ALVATEATREE CLEANSING SHAMPOOA natural and effective horse shampoo containing Tea Tree Oil. I..
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Model: AlvaMiracle Cream
Available in 100gm and 500gmPlease select option below.A effective powerful antibacterial cream, specially formulated to help sooth minor open wo..
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AlvaShadow Eye & Muzzle Highlighter 150ml
Model: AlvaShadow
New 150ml bottleEssential oils from the Lavender plant blended together with our unique conditioner to enhance the eyes and muzzles of all breeds and ..
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Model: AlvaNeem Horse
Available in 500ml and 1 litrePlease select option below.ALVANEEMA very effective horse shampoo that contains the remarkable vegetable Neem Oil, extra..
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Model: AlvaBarrier
Available in 500ml and LitrePlease select option below.ALVABARRIEREssential Oils combined with our unique coat conditioner. This formulation helps to ..
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